Illegitimate Campaign Contributions



Find out if illegitimate contributions have been unknowingly made using your name!

Greetings Fellow Patriots!

In relation to ongoing Election Integrity issues, the WTP Election Integrity Group considers it extremely important that each of you WTP folks check the Federal Election Commission’s (FEC) website to confirm if illegitimate campaign contributions have been made over the last couple of years in your name (hopefully not…)!

The process is very quick and easy. CLICK HERE for a Tutorial PDF that shows a reasonable image of the three pages that you will see on the website, to verify the Individual Contributions that you may have made (perhaps you’ve not made any campaign contributions), along with any that may be illegitimate.

 These are the steps:

  1. Go to the FEC webpage (there is no log-in required): 
  2. On the Left side of the first screen, you will see Search all campaign finance data which you should Click (Refer to the Red box on Page 1 of my PDF tutorial for what to Click);
  3. On the next webpage, on the right side of your screen, you’ll see Find contributions from specific individuals in bold with a box labeled INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTOR NAME where you need to type in your First Name, Middle Initial (that allows more precision), and Last Name, then Click the Magnifying Glass symbol immediately to the right of your name to get to the next webpage (Refer to the Red box on Page 2 of my PDF tutorial for additional information);
  4. On the third webpage you will see Individual Contributions in bold on the top right, and beneath that your First and Last Name with Middle Initial. On the far left will see an Edit filter and in the drop down I suggest that you add your ZIP Code for more precision and then Click the right pointing arrow to Enter it. You should then see your Full Name and ZIP Code in the boxes immediately below the  Individual Contributions with the total number of individual contributions (filtered) results made in your name for the past two year period (Refer to the Red box on Page 3 of my PDF tutorial for additional information). 
  5. The contribution information shown between the double lines is: Contributor Name, Recipient, State, Employer, Receipt Date, and Amount. The IMPORTANT information that you need to review is the Recipient and Amount to verify if YOU actually made any of those contributions!  Many of you may have heard from others that ACTBLUE has been making contributions in various people’s names that were not made by that actual person!  PLEASE TAKE A SCREENSHOT (or create a PDF of that webpage) SHOWING ALL THE ILLEGITIMATE CONTRIBUTIONS THAT YOU THINK HAVE BEEN MADE IN YOUR NAME!
  6. If you have an ACTBLUE Recipient entry or for any Recipient entry that you are interested in, on the far right side of that entry you should see a white + symbol in a black circle. Click that + symbol to see the extensive details of that Recipient and entry information… and make screenshots of those illegitimate details as well.

IF YOU FIND ILLEGITIMATE CONTRIBUTIONS ATTRIBUTED TO YOU, please email Dale Livingston ( and Steve McCurdy ( with details of the total $$$ amount of those illegitimate contributions!

“Happy Hunting” Patriots!